Thomas Hinderwell
Thomas Hinderwell@ThomasHinPri
  • Thomas Hinderwell The children will be performing at the termly poetry slam on Thursday 20th July at 9:15 am
    1 week 4 days ago.
  • Thomas Hinderwell Due to tomorrows dance festival in Hull, the next assembly will be our leavers assembly on Friday the 21st July at 13:15
    1 week 4 days ago.
  • Thomas Hinderwell Beaver Scouts are selling ice lollies 20p at main entrance tomorrow, at 3:20. Proceeds for The Rainbow centre and inspiration fund. Thanks
    3 weeks 7 hours ago.

Life With Us

Thomas Hinderwell is a fun and exciting place to learn. We maintain a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone is kind and respects one another.

Once your child has joined our school they are very much one of our family. Every member of staff cares about your child and their progress. The teaching staff are always willing to see you if you have any worries or problems regarding your son/daughter.

Life at Thomas Hinderwell is about much more than just learning. We offer a diverse choice of extra-curricular activities. We encourage all of our children to get involved in these activities and find their own passions and hobbies.