Burnett News club opts for Rehabilitation

The children who are involved in the Burnett News club took part in an immersive theatre experience.

They were set the challenge to decide if Wesley, a young man, who at the age of 21 was applying to be put onto a rehabilitation course following a criminal attack 2 years earlier.
The children had to go into four different rooms throughout the day and ask questions of some of the people involved in his case.
These involved the victim, who was simply walking home from college when she was attacked by two young boys- one of who was Wesley.  The Prison officer who believed that people who are in prison should remain there until they have finished their sentence. The rehabilitation officer who strongly believed that everyone deserves a second chance, including Wesley. Then finally, we met Wesley himself.
As the children entered all the rooms they needed to ask these people questions to establish what the next chapter would be for Wesley and where he would spend the remainder of his sentence. They were then set different activities to establish what the fate of some of the other prisoners should be and to help the Prison service establish what the next steps they needed to take were.
Once we had spoken to all of the people involved in his case it was time to make a secret vote, so it remained anonymous until the very end. It was a very close call, but eventually it was decided that, Wesley would be spending the remainder of his sentence…. In rehabilitation! This was much to the annoyance of his victim, who felt she deserved him to serve off of his 4 year sentence.
The day was thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved and it made everyone feel extremely tense when having to decide what his final fate would be.
The children from Thomas Hinderwell were impeccable through the whole day. They were inquisitive with all the questions they wanted to ask and took a lead role within their group in helping establish the events from the fateful day. They were a pleasure to have representing our school and we are all extremely proud of them, for their behaviour, attitude and conduct during discussions surrounding distressing issues.