Circus comes to Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

Last Tuesday, the 14th June, pupils from Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy who have attained over 96% attendance during the 2014/2015 school year were rewarded with a fantastic circus workshop courtesy of Circus Avago from Hull.

Beginning with a brief safety introduction the children were shown the techniques for unicycle riding, juggling, Chinese ribbons, plate spinning and Diablos by Jon, Steve and Rob, our mentors for the day. For the first session up to morning break the children were free to try out the various activities and receive tuition on the finer points of circus skills. Everyone showed a hundred percent dedication and enthusiasm and encouraged each other, especially the upper KS2 pupils helping the younger children. Children right from Early Years up to year six tried all the activities with some showing a real flair for unicycle riding, not letting the odd fall put them off and beginning to look confident on just one wheel. While it is fair to say that most things looked a lot easier than they actually were it didn't put anyone off and by mid-morning we were beginning to fill out the roles required for the afternoon performance in front of the rest of the school.


Following a break for fresh air and much needed water we returned to the hall to learn more acts. These included tightrope walking, mini bikes, hoolahoops, stilt walking and the human pyramid. Once these had been demonstrated the children were once again free to choose which act they wanted to practice and we continued up to lunch. The tightrope walking proved hugely popular and everyone was keen to show off how well they could perform and lots of children returned to the unicycles to hone their skills further. With so much energy and concentration being expended on the mornings activities we were all eager to have a break for lunch!

No circus would be complete without clowns, acrobats and lions and once we had refueled the children were split into three groups to be transformed into the required roles. Following this we had a last minute free practice session before our performance and the remaining parts of ring mistress were brilliantly filled by Cara from Year5 and Izzy from Year3. Face paint was applied and we set out our circus ring, collected our props and took our places to welcome our audience into the big top. What followed was a fantastic performance made all the more impressive by the fact that we had only been learning the acts for less than a day. Everyone gave their all and thoroughly enjoyed being able to show off their newly acquired skills and wow the crowds.
We were thrilled to have Circus Avago to visit and provide such a wonderful and fitting reward for our pupils.

Please visit Circus Avago on the following links to learn more about them.