The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

This week in EYFS we have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. In the story Mrs Grinley makes some yummy sandwiches for Mr Grinley's lunch, so we decided to have a go at creating our own yummy sandwiches.

First we decided what we would like to have in our 'yummy' sandwiches and then we wrote instructions so we could make them. When it came to making our yummy sandwiches at the end of the week, we were very good at following our instructions. We all knew that we had to wash our hands before we started preparing our food and we could talk about eating healthily.

As we had been learning about 'halving' in maths this week, we were able to put our new mathematic knowledge into pratice when we 'halved' our bread. Next week we are going to be reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic and I hear we might be making chocolate crispy buns for our own picnic! Yum yum, can't wait.