Puzzle Day at THPA!

Yesterday, the whole school took part in a puzzle/problem solving day. We were visited by the Happy Puzzle Company and in our classrooms, we enjoyed seaside themed maths puzzles and problems designed by our very own year 6 children. Here’s what the children had to say:

“It was amazing; I really liked the penguin game, where we had to balance penguins on an iceberg.” - Kara Atkin (Year 6)

“I liked the jigsaw, where we had to tessellate shapes in a circle. The rule was that no two colours should touch. I really enjoyed it!” - Sophie Fluen (Year 6)

“I liked the road map jigsaw, where we had to piece together all of the tiles to make a complete circuit. Even though it was frustrating, we got there in the end.” - Ethan Fiddy (Year 6)

The school have also purchased some of the problem solving games that the children played yesterday, to use in school.

Thank you to everybody who made the day such a success!