Rock pooling with THPA

Not even the dubious Scarborough summer weather could deter years one, two, five and six during our rock pooling trip on Monday the 22nd of July to the south bay. We were joined by Hidden Horizons who expertly guided us through our explorations.

Setting off at 11:00am we enjoyed a lovely walk down through Weaponness Valley and under Valley and Spa bridges with pupils from the two different key stages paired together, chatting and enjoying the trip. Once we arrived on the beach opposite the Spa we tucked in to our packed lunches and then divided into two groups to begin the day’s activities, rock pooling and beach games.

During our time with the staff from Hidden Horizons we found many exciting and varied sea creatures and vegetation such as hermit crabs, star fish, sea snails and lots of varieties of seaweed. One group was lucky enough to find a sea gooseberry, so rare it was only the second time one of the Hidden Horizons staff had seen one in the wild. The rock pools were fascinating and due to each group spending an hour and a half exploring we were able to observe the falling tide and how it altered the landscape, all the while having the brilliant experts on hand to point us in the right direction and offer really great information on our surroundings and marine finds. All the pupils worked together fabulously and it was brilliant to see children of different ages enjoying each others company and helping each other out. The year five and six pupils were a big hit with everyone from KS1 and provided a great example of how excellent out school is.

When not rock pooling the children had time to enjoy the beach and build sand sculptures, play games and have a go at our THPA treasure hunt. Once again the older KS2 pupils were great company for the KS1 pupils and some amazing art was created from the sand, seaweed and drift wood on the beach and despite the increasingly frequent rain showers everyone had a super time and didn't let the weather dampen their spirits!

Come half past two we were all ready for the buses to collect us and bring us home and it was a very weary, damp, sandy but happy THPA that arrived back at school to end the day.

We would like to say a massive thanks to everyone at Hidden Horizons for helping make this a brilliant day out and also to our very own teaching and support staff from the respective years plus everyone else who accompanied us.