Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy celebrates

Staff and pupils at Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy have been celebrating becoming an academy and the impact that the conversion is having on school life.

As part of an official launch day, pupils learnt more about the life of Thomas Hinderwell and his invaluable contribution to the town – particularly his role in establishing lifeboats in the area. The day concluded with a balloon launch.

The school officially converted to an academy at the end of 2013, one of the first in the county to do so.

Derek Johnson, Headteacher, said: “Now that our children are all wearing their new uniforms, provided by the Trust, as well as taking part in all the exciting activities that are on offer, it seemed the right time to stop, celebrate and reflect on the school’s exciting future.”

To encourage this, children were asked to write their hopes and ambitions on a “Hinderwell Gold Coin” which was then placed in a treasure chest at the entrance to the academy.

Mr Johnson added: “A good school is one that not only provides its children with a fantastic standard of learning, but also inspires pupils to try new things and take advantage of different opportunities. This is the environment we are well on the way to creating at Thomas Hinderwell.”

The academy has just been provided with free tickets to see a performance by the Northern Ballet, have recently spent hundreds of pounds on new musical instruments and will shortly be competing in the Trust’s first ever Primary North sports tournament.

Wendy Marshall, Chief Executive of the David Ross Education Trust, said: “It was a memorable day. The behaviour in the school is impeccable, and we are delighted that we have Thomas Hinderwell in our network of schools and academies.

“I believe that this is just the start of a very exciting time for both of us, and I look forward to seeing the impact that our partnership will have.”