Year 4 Beach visit

In Year 4 our topics have all been linked to water. So we have been looking at the life of rivers; formation and devastation of Tsunamis and the importance of food chains. To bring this wonderful topic to a close we took a trip to the South bay. The children were very excited as we walked down the valley, buckets and spades in hand, whilst singing our seaside songs.

When we arrived at the beach, we wandered along the sand towards the old South Bay swimming pool. We set our belongings down by the sea wall and went to explore the rock pools. We found lots of interesting sea creatures, such as: bright red sea anenomes; slippery, slimy butterfish; tiny hermit crabs and large, smooth crabs. Mrs Marks reminded everyone to be very careful as the seaweed was very slippery and we could scare the sea creatures if we splash in the pools too much. 

Nearly an hour of discovery went by and soon we noticed the tide was turning, so we needed to move away from the rockpools. We wandered back along the sand, towards the clocktower cafe and had our lunch. "I know why sandwiches are called sandwiches, because I've got sand in mine!" exclaimed one child. After a well deserved rest we took our buckets and spades and got creative. Some children made sand sculptures, whilst others laboured over river building. Some children even recreated the formation of a tsunami in the sand. We worked hard as a team to help one another create a mermaid and re-home a lost crab. 

Soon it was time to gather our belongings and head for the bus to bring us back to school, but not before Miss Vairy could get a group photograph.

It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all in this beautful seaside town we call home. We would like to thank all of the adults who helped us on our visit.