Year 5 and 6 Ullswater Residential

During the past week Year 5 and 6 have been on Residential in the Lake District. We had an amazing time doing thrilling activities such as; Rock scrambling, Canoeing, Cliff jumping and a lot more.

However my favourite activity was Ghyll scrambling. We all helped each other and stayed as a team. I believe the hardest part was climbing up the rock face. This was difficult because you and your partner were both connected to one piece of rope. Due to this you have to think about your partner and yourself. I found this activity exhilarating and challenging. 

After climbing the rock face we walked back down to a deeper part of water. When we got there we all took part in a challenge to fall back into the water!!! At first I was petrified but after seeing some of my teammates do it I thought I would have a go. So I turned around and … SPLASH!!! It was AMAZING. I had so much fun and had thousands of turns jumping in and enjoyed every one of them however I was Freezing when we got out and my wellies were full of water. Despite being soaked  this was by far my favourite activity.

As well as climbing a waterfall, we also went out onto the lake to do some cliff jumping. This was very scary, as the cliffs were very high and we jumped off them into the lake. We had to put on wetsuits, wetsuit jackets, buoyancy aids and helmets, as the water we were going to be jumping into was very deep and cold! First of all, we got into the speedboat and drove out to the rocks. 

Our first jump was off the side of the boat so that we could swim to the rocks. This one was probably the hardest, as we weren't used to the chill of the water, and it was extremely cold! When we got to the rocks, we found out that there were 4 different levels that you could jump off. Level 1 was very close to the water level, and level 4 was the furthest away. Most people started jumping on level one and made their way up, although some people stayed on levels 1-2.

After a while, the instructors began coming up with several challenges that we could try and do. The first was the penguin challenge, where we had to dive off level 1, headfirst, with our arms by our sides. The next thing that we did was get back on the boat so that we could do some freestyle jumping. Some people did half and full turn jumps and diving, but one person even did back and front somersaults! 

After spending all afternoon on the lake, we all clambered into the boat to go back home for a hot shower, a change of clothes and our dinner.

Written by Lucy (Year 5) and Bethan (Year 6).