We visited Google...

Today we visited Google Headquarters! We needed to meet at the train station to board the train at 6:30, much to our delight!  Once on the train, we were asked to complete a challenge that had been delivered by post the previous day but was NOT to be opened until we had boarded the train. We were asked to interview our teacher about what technology was used ten years ago, and what they used while they were at school. We then needed to make a prediction for the future, and what we think could happen in the next 3 years. This caused many laughs and it was about take 25 that was allowed to be uploaded onto Google Drive! 

Once we arrived in London we needed to walk to Google Headquarters, where we were all given a Google label to identify us for the day. We then needed to be escorted to our room to begin the day where we looked at what technology we believed needed to be developed for the future of education. 

We looked at how a school day could be different for both children and teachers in the future and what a school day has the potential to look like, we enjoyed this session as we could let our imaginations run wild about how we could envisage education in the future. 

Following that we looked at which key things need to be in place in a classroom and what we didn't want to see disappear with the use of more technological devices. We decided that the three main priorities we wanted to remain the same were: teachers having time to listen or help where needed, subjects to be broken down into small chunks that could be digested easily and having a real passion for the subject. 

Then, we looked at one area of the world and how we thought it might be different in ten years time. We decided to look at a hospital and decided that we thought there could be robots to do mundane operations such as having your tonsils removed, also the robots would have the ability to scan a body to see for any injuries such as broken bones or internal bleeding. Finally, we thought that the hospital beds would be on tracks similar to a train track and they could be remotely moved to different areas of the hospital or to a certain ward. 

Our favourite part of the day was when we got to trial the VR Headsets, and went on an "expedition" round the world, we visited Space, Solar System, International Space Station, World War 2 Trenches and Underwater. It was fantastic!


Lucy and Levi