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Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

We will ensure that all children are nurtured, challenged and inspired so that they achieve the best outcomes during their time at our school and contribute positively to society.

Principal's Welcome

Mrs C Webster

Thomas Hinderwell is more than a school, it is a family. We have high expectations that require us to inspire our pupils to be aspirational by aiming higher, working harder and learning more than has ever been asked of them. We want every child who attends THPA to be successful by building a real community that share core values and supports each other by using the ‘every lesson matters’ mantra.

We accept that every child is different, so we provide a unique, and personalised, educational experience. This includes an exciting curriculum, which centres on innovative experiences throughout the year to scaffold learning upon.

Latest News

The academy is now closed for the holiday but there is always someone who can help you.


If you are concerned that a child is suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm, you should contact your local authority safeguarding partnership directly. Click here for the relevant contact information.


In an emergency, call 999.


If you have any welfare concerns, you can contact us here.


For any other queries, please contact us via



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