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Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

We will ensure that all children are nurtured, challenged and inspired so that they achieve the best outcomes during their time at our school and contribute positively to society.

Thomas Hinderwell Careers Fair

This week we had our very first 'Thomas Hinderwell Careers Fair', it was a huge success with a wide range of professionals volunteering to come and speak to our children. Each class had the opportunity to walk around the Careers Fair asking a wide range of questions to each and every one. Children left enthusiastic and eager to continue their journey to their dream careers.  

Quotes from our children:

 ' I really enjoyed learning about what Lawyers do every day. It has made me want to be one even more, especially as I have heard how rewarding it can be!' 

' I loved being able to actually do things that a hairdresser does! I never considered being a hairdresser but  now I think I do!' 

' Walking around and speaking to all the different people was really fun! I am now a bit stuck in what I want to be when I am older.' 

Careers Day