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Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

We will ensure that all children are nurtured, challenged and inspired so that they achieve the best outcomes during their time at our school and contribute positively to society.

Remote Learning - EYFS

Nursery /Reception 

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Gould are still looking after your children during this lockdown with the help of Miss Cappleman, Mrs Fergus and Mrs Miller. Miss Martin is working from home and is able to support you daily via tapestry. She will be there to celebrate the achievements you share on tapestry and suggest next steps to support your child’s learning journey.

Each week, like the previous lock-down, they will contact you to check that everything is going well and to see if there is anything else we can do to help.  If you require any additional support with your child’s learning at home you can contact us via Tapestry or MCAS and someone will get back to you. 

If children are self-isolating, there is an expectation that children will still complete work daily following the timetable that is suggested below for their class and return work through Tapestry, so that the teachers can celebrate your achievements, provide feedback and support with next steps for your child’s learning. 

If the Early Years bubble has to close, children MUST move to remote learning and continue to follow the suggested timetable. 

Each day, members of the Early Years Team will post different ideas and during the week it will include:

  • Five reading challenges 
  • T4W challenges
  • Five maths challenges 
  • Physical Challenges 
  • Wednesday's Well Being Board, which will include Music, PSED (Jigsaw), Mindfulness, Yoga and Art challenges 
  • Core Knowledge Challenges, which will include History, PE, Fine Motor Skills, RE and Science tasks

Please remember you know your child best and can plan when it is the most effective time to sit down and watch the video on Tapestry and complete the tasks.  But there is an expectation that 2 activities will be completed each day and posted on Tapestry if your child is at home.

In addition to the tasks we post, remember all the things you do are key learning opportunities at home and a little focus each day makes a massive difference.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Can your child dress and undress independently? If yes can they do it by a count of 10 or do up zips and shoes?
  2. Can your child help make lunch or dinner? And help lay the table?
  3. Can they put their toys/clothes away independently?
  4. Can they help sort the washing into family members and pair up the socks?
  5. Can they draw or colour a picture for a family member and send it in the post? To cheer them up?
  6. Can they help you dust or hoover their home? Building their body strength?

Everything you do in your day to day life is a learning opportunity for your child.  It would be great to see these added to Tapestry also, so we can see the progress they are making and the fun you are having.

On tapestry each week will be posting a video to share with you what we will be covering over the week. Our Core Knowledge post is sent on a Monday morning to allow you the opportunity to plan which tasks you would like to complete over the next week. Do not forget to tune into your live celebration assembly each week a link will have been sent out to you via MCAS. 


Helpful links for Early Years 


Oxford Owl – lots of books to share online. Each class has a log in so speak to the class teacher for access 
Book Trust: Some lovely stories and games to enjoy on line 
RWI videos can be found on YouTube 


Story time on the BBC
Word Waves - watch the wave while you listen to a story. Key words from the story appear alongside the animated wave to reinforce listening. 
Oak Academy - ideas for mapping a story, telling a story independently and using actions to mime a story


Cbeebies- Join in with Little Learners and explore all of these fun and free maths games, activities and clips.
Nrich activities for EYFS 


Spring 1 Dinosaurs 


BBC Bitesize Feeling Better 
PSHE for Reception from The School Run 
Arts and Crafts