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Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

We will ensure that all children are nurtured, challenged and inspired so that they achieve the best outcomes during their time at our school and contribute positively to society.


  • Uniform gives all children a sense of identity and ‘belonging’ to Team Hinderwell
  • Uniform helps maintain a neat and clean appearance that will be transferred to other aspects of children’s education and life in general
  • A clear, simple approach to uniform allows for clarity between teacher, parent and pupil about what should be worn to school
  • So that children feel pride in their school and in themselves

What are our expectations?

  • That all adults (families, teachers and support staff) support children to wear full school uniform, including school PE kit (house T-shirt, black shorts (or joggers in winter) black plimsolls or sports trainers, black or white socks)
  • That all staff expect the highest possible standard of dress from all pupils
  • That all children from Nursery to Year 6 wear smart uniform each day, according to the uniform guidelines:

Further clarification:

  • Ties and stiff- collared shirts will be required from Year 3-6 (KS2).
  • Children in Nursery to Y2 may wear white, soft-collared polo shirts unless they wish to wear a shirt
  • Ties can be purchased from the school office
  • Children may wear a tie in KS1 if they wish but this is not a requirement.

Our uniform can be purchased online at and will be delivered to your home address  with the exception of our house ties which can be purchased form the school office.

School Uniform

  • Jade green school cardigan/sweatshirt with logo
  • Trousers, skirt or pinafore. Black. (Skirts need to be on or just below the knee).  
  • White Shirt with a stiff collar (KS2)
  • White soft collared polo shirt (Nursery –Year 2)
  • Socks. Boys black.  Girls white or black tights. 
  • Shoes. Full black shoe with robust sole (no trainers) Boots are not suitable.

NB: Children wearing trainers will be asked to visit our plimsoll station where they can borrow a pair of school plimsolls until the correct footwear can be provided from home.

Options that can be worn from May-July:

  • Long shorts, Black. 
  • Green check dress

P.E. Kit

All PE lessons will require children to wear a house -coloured t-shirt which will enable staff to quickly identify those house members who have earned themselves dojos. This links to our Hinderwell house system and creates a real sense of team. Every week we announce our house winners which earns them an extra 15 minutes break. If you are unsure of your child’s house, then please contact the office. Children have been allocated houses.

  • House coloured crew neck t-shirts with logo
  • Black shorts
  • Black plimsolls, for indoor dance and gymnastics
  • Trainers for outdoor PE only

Options that can be worn from Nov-Feb :

  • Black, outdoor tracksuit for outdoor activities (no large logos)

NB: Children will be asked to change into a spare school kit if one has not been provided.

Further Clarification

  • Children should not wear make-up, nail polish, false nails, visible temporary tattoos or jewellery, except for small stud earrings or a discrete watch
  • In the interest of safety they must be removed for P.E./swimming activities (staff are not allowed to remove a child’s earrings). Tape will be required to be worn if earrings are not removed.
  • Hairstyles should be sensible and suitable for school, and hair accessories must be discreet. The school will accept small headbands and small bows in our school colours (blue/green) but will not accept Jo Jo bows.
  • Children should always wear school shoes - they may wear boots to walk to school,

              Wellington boots or trainers, but they must change into school shoes once in school

  • Soft elasticated trousers, such as leggings or jogging trousers may not be worn
  • Spare school uniform is available in school if none is available at home
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